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Dry mortar equipment, powder equipment, and special gearbox for agravic mixer



Double Shafts Paddle Mixer is a new type of high homogeneity mixer which makes material weightless during mixing. It is widely used in heavy bulk density, high viscosity material such as dry mortar, metal, rubber, mining, plastic, chemical, Metallurgy industry and to meet highest homogeneity.

Working Principle

The two axes of mixing interior rotates to different sides and paddles attached to the axes forms fluidized area by diffusing mixed materials to different directions according to stable apex speed.
         moving direction of materials                       arrangement of plates

At this time, the movement of materials is concentrated on the higher center part from the bottom of mixer, and therefore, the effective volume of mixing room increases, and as the effective volume increases, the collision and rubbing between materials decrease. Also, as the contacting section between materials and the mixing room, there is no damage because of collision and rubbing, and on the other hand, mixer itself does not cause inner rubbing because of material, so it keeps the shape of particle, and as it does not press rotating object or vent-less etc., it prevents the leakage of materials on the seal part and proceed mixing. Like this, zero-gravity mixer became created the new concept of powder mixing by solving problems of eruption and leakage etc, as well as precision of mixing.

Standard Features

◆ Volume: 100-18000L
◆ Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
◆ Ribbon agitator for center discharge
◆ Designed for normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure
◆ Feed Nozzle
◆ Dust Nozzle
◆ Manually operated or Pneumatic operated flap valve
◆ Packing Seal
◆ Safety limit switch on man hole

Technical Parameters

Model Total Volume Effective Volume Power
WZ-2 2000L 800L-1200L 18.5kW-22.5kW
WZ-4 4000L 1600L-2400L 30kW-35.5kW
WZ-6 6000L 2400L-3600L 45kW
WZ-10 10000L 4000L-6000L 55Kw-75kW