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H series helical gearbox and B series Bevel-helical gearbox



◆ High modular design, high exchange and short delivery period.
◆ High intensity casting housing, high precision CNC processing machine, split housing is suitable for the flexible output shaft and installation, it is convenient for maintenance.
◆ High quality alloy steel gear, high compact resistance. Gear profile and lead improve the loading duty and reduce temperature and noise etc.
◆ Output sealing is double oil sealing. Perfect oil leakage preventing makes the good sealings and can be used in wide range of industry.
◆ Rich optional accessories.

Product design

◆ Transmission stage: single stage, 2 stage, 3 stage or 4 stage.
◆ Mounting mode: foot mounted, foot mounted without feet, vertical mounted.
◆ Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft (with keyway, shrink disc or involute splines). 

Main application

◆ Harbor and shipping
◆ Hoist and transport
◆ Electric power
◆ Coal mining
◆ Cement and construction
◆ Metallurgy
◆ Chemical industry and environmental protection